Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Open Road

Dear Life,

YES!!!!!! WE DID IT!

That's right everyone, a new open road, a new oppurtunity, a new way to live!

I made my first 'grownup' purchase, a purchase that makes you want to throw up and dance for joy all at the same time. A purchase that makes you want to scream your head off and laugh your lungs out... this purchase I am talking about is my new........CAR!!!!! That's right! I finally had enough guts to get out there and purchase a vehicle!

It's great! It has lots of great and comfortable features, my most favourite is the 'beep-beep' in Whitney's terms, in car dealership terms it is 'keyless entry'. Another GREAT feature I love is the heated seats. It feels like Christmas morning for your bum, like you've peed your pants and it never gets cold. That is the life!

I also love the new car smell, but I must say it does get 'old' fast.


Let's talk about me, the things about me that keeps my heart still beating and my background music dramatic.

I am a 20 year old working girl with a new car!(I had to put my last plug in!)
I love chocolate but love chips more.
Eating is a fun/emjoyable experience no matter WHAT you eat!
I babysit my neices 3 times a week and only have laughs when I'm with them due to the darnest things they say.
I love life. The enjoyments of each new holiday with family, birthdays, christmas, the experiences of each new day and the lessons we learn from one another.

WELCOME to my blog! I'm excited to show you all my new crafts I'm doing, share the experience my roommate and I have together(whom is buying a car today too! YAY!) and the fun fun I have with my boyfriend.

Quote of the day: Keep your chin up, Life is just turning a corner.....